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Just two of our six Fodera 10th Annniversay basses remain: Pink Ivory Imperial 5 twin and the Ebony stringer Imperial 5.

Our most recent arrivals...

The bass on the left is a Nordy vJ5 a Koa top, Alder body, Maple neck, BRW f/b. Additional options include Big Single p-ups and a Norstrand 2 band EQ plus Koa control knobs. USA made. Comes with a Mono Vertigo gig bag. Photos on our Nordstrand page.

The bass on the right is a Spector Coda 4 Deluxe. Spec's are: Alder body, fiqured Maple top with a Black Cherry finish, Maple neck, premium Birdseye Maple f/b with Abalone blocks, Nordstrand 70's wind Jazz pick-ups. Made in the Woodstock, NY shop. Comes with a Spector hard shell case. Photos on our Spector page.


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Out most recent video, What's New at Ultimate Basses? January 2014


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Fancy that! Two Imperial's shipped from the Fodera shop, ultimately bound for Austria and Kitchener, were in the shop for just a couple of days. Taking advantage of this rare circumstance for a great photo op, I snapped the 4 beauties all lined up.

L- R, Chilean Mountain Laurel Burl, Walnut Burl, Osage Orange and Crotch Olive.